WWE Extreme Rules Results – July 15, 2018

WWE Extreme Rules Results – July 15, 2018

Welcome to the WWE Extreme Rules pre-show, and we are live on the WWE Network. Renee Young, Booker T, David Otunga, and Sam Roberts consist of the panel. There were several video packages shown to hype the matches.

– Singles Match (Pre-Show): Sin Cara defeated Andrade Almas

– Tables Match (Pre-Show): SAnitY defeated The New Day 

Welcome to the Extreme Rules PPV! We get an intro video package to hype the matches that will be taking place tonight. Our opening contest is…

WWE Raw Tag Team Title Match: Bray Wyatt & Matt Hardy © vs. Curtis Axel & Bo Dallas

Hardy and Bo start things off as Matt sent him back first into the turnbuckle several times then landed a series of right hands. Wyatt and Axel are now in with Wyatt landing a series of strikes and kicks in the corner. Wyatt with a big headbutt to the chest of Axel but missed a splash in the corner and Axel put the boots to him. Wyatt with a clothesline then tagged in Hardy, who landed a series of strikes then a clothesline in the corner followed by a big boot and went to the top rope where he hit an elbow drop. Bo in now and worked him over with a headlock then tagged in Axel, who hit a DDT for 2. Moments later, Wyatt got the hot tag and landed a series of strikes to Bo then a clothesline in the corner. Wyatt tossed Axel to the floor and hit a chokeslam to Bo. Hardy got the tag and they went for their finisher but Wyatt was tossed to the floor and Bo hit a springboard neck breaker for the win.

Winner: Bo Dallas and Curtis Axel – NEW CHAMPIONS.

Singles Match: Finn Balor vs. Baron Corbin

They start brawling to begin the match with Corbin getting the upper hand in the early going and beating him down. Balor countered and was able to hit a rolling drop kick. Corbin with a series of clotheslines in the corner while taunting him. Balor was able to make a brief comeback but Corbin cut him off with a big clothesline for 2. Balor went for a springboard move but Corbin caught him with a big right hand for 2. Balor with a double boot and then a flying clothesline but ran into a big boot. Corbin went to the top rope but Balor caught him with a head kick and went to the top rope but Corbin caught him and hit a back breaker for 2, which fired up Corbin. This led to Corbin hitting a series of splashes in the corner then connected with the slingblade for 2. Corbin fired back with deep six for 2. Corbin with a series of elbow strikes then went for a powerbomb but Balor blocked and hit a double foot stomp then a drop kick in the corner. Balor went to the top rope but Corbin knocked him down and went for his finisher but Balor rolled him up for the win.

Winner: Balor.

WWE SmackDown Women’s Title Match: Carmella © vs. Asuka – James Ellsworth in a shark cage

Asuka knocked down Carmella then Ellsworth dropped a steel chain down to the ring which the referee got rid of. Carmella with a kick to the gut and then knocked her down where she got hair spray but Asuka hit a series of kicks and a drop kick. Asuka with a knee strike and a running hip attack for 2. Asuka went for the Asuka Lock but Carmella got the bottom rope. Carmella rolled to the floor and Asuka hit a suplex on the floor as Ellsworth was trying to pick the lock. Asuka sent Carmella into the barricade. Ellsworth escaped but a part of his sock was caught and he was hanging from the cage. Some of the ringside crew was attempting to get Ellsworth unhung but Asuka attacked them and started kicking Ellsworth. Carmella pushed Asuka face first into the shark cage for the win.

Winner: Carmella – Still Champ.

WWE United States Title Match: Jeff Hardy © vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Nakamura hit Hardy with a low blow before the match started as the referee was giving the title up. Nakamura hit his running knee strike for the win.

Winner: Shinsuke Nakamura – New Champion

Following the match, Randy Orton made his return as he walked down to the ring and had a staredown.

Steel Cage Match: Braun Strowman vs. Kevin Owens

Strowman attacked Owens right out of the gate but Owens was able to hit a super kick then a cannonball in the corner and hit a frog splash off the top rope for 2. Owens tried to escape through the door but Strowman stopped him. Strowman with a big chop to the chest of Owens then tossed him back first into the steel a few times. Owens with a big boot then a stunner out of nowhere. Owens tried to escape through the door but Strowman stopped him and slammed the door on his face. Owens with a superkick twice. Owens handcuffed Strowman to the rope and beat him down with strikes. Strowman with a one-handed chokeslam. Owens taunted him and then climbed up the cage but Strowman ripped off the cuffs and caught him on top of the cage. Strowman chokeslammed Owens off the top of the cage through the announce table. Owens wins the match.

Winner: Owens.

After the match, referees check on Owens before the EMT’s put Owens on the stretcher.

WWE SmackDown Tag Team Title Match: Luke Harper & Erick Rowan © vs. Daniel Bryan & Kane

Bryan was using his speed to knock both challengers down and went for an early YES Lock but Rowan pulled him out of the ring and they suplexed him on the floor. Kane is still not out at ringside after being ambushed backstage earlier in the show. Back in the ring, Rowan hit a splash for 2. Harper now tagged in and Bryan attempted to make his comeback but when he went for an outside dive, Rowan caught him. Harper went for a dive but accidentally hit Rowan. This led to Kane walking out to the ring with a walking boot on. Kane started dishing out chokeslams to Harper and Rowan. Kane went for a tombstone but couldn’t and Harper kicked the bad ankle. Bryan was tagged in and hit a drop kick off the top rope. Bryan with a series of kicks to the chest of Harper. Rowan was tagged in, sent Bryan into the corner and hit a big boot. Harper with a clothesline off the top rope to Bryan for the win.

Winner: Harper and Rowan – Still Champions

Singles Match: Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley

They lock up to start things off. Things started to slow down as Reigns applies a headlock as the fans die a slow painful death as they watch on. Lashley fought back but Reigns tossed him to the floor and into the barricade. The fans got bored and started chanting various things. Lashley attempted a counter by getting on the steel steps but Reigns pushed him off and sent him into the other stack of steps. Back into the ring, Reigns with a powerslam. They exchange right hands and Lashley hit a crossbody for 2. Lashley with a double axe off the top rope. Reigns lifted Lashley up and tossed him over the top rope to the floor back first. Bad landing. As Lashley was getting into the ring, Reigns hit a leg drop for 2. Lashley fought back and hit a suplex for 2. Lashley went for a spear but Reigns caught him with a superman punch for a near fall. Lashley hit a belly-to-belly suplex over the announce table and went to the top rope off the top rope but Reigns hit a superman punch. Reigns went for a spear but Lashley answered with his own for the win.

Winner: Lashley

WWE Raw Women’s Title Extreme Rules Match: Alexa Bliss © vs. Nia Jax

Jax went right after Bliss, who tried to grab several weapons only to have Jax toss them out of her hands. Jax knocked her down and tossed her back into the ring. Jax tossed Bliss onto a chair then landed a headbutt and hit a powerslam face first onto a trash can. Bliss with several trash can lid shots to the challenger. Bliss with a drop kick for 2 then wedged a chair in between the ropes and sent Jax shoulder first. Mickie James got on the apron but Natalya knocked her down and attacked her. Bliss then attacked Natalya and tossed her into the barricade. This led to Ronda Rousey jumping the barricade and tossed James into the barricade and ring apron. Rousey hit her finisher to James in the ring. Rousey went after Bliss and chased her around ringside. James hit Rousey in the back a few times with the kendo stick. Back in the ring, Bliss went for a flying crossbody off the top rope but Jax caught her. James hit Jax in the back with a chair and Bliss hit her several times with it. Bliss with a DDT to Jax on a chair for the win.

Winner: Bliss – New Champion.

WWE Title Match: AJ Styles © vs. Rusev

They lock up and Rusev went on the attack by beating him down and then hitting a suplex. Rusev with an elbow drop for 2 but missed a knee drop. Styles with a series of kicks but Rusev hit a back body drop. Rusev with a forearm shot to the back of Styles and then a back suplex for 2. Rusev with a body lock then a knee strike to the gut. Rusev put him on the middle rope then landed some right hands. Styles fought back and was able to hit a spring board forearm strike to Rusev. Rusev tossed Styles in the barricade but once in the ring, Styles landed a series of kicks and a forearm shot and another one in the corner. Styles blocked a suplex and hit a reverse DDT for 2. Rusev sent Styles back first into the turnbuckle but Styles went for the calf crusher but Rusev blocked it and launched him over the top rope with a right hand. Rusev went for an outside dive but Styles caught him with a forearm shot. Styles missed the spring board 450 splash and Rusev hit a big boot. Styles went for the calf crusher but it was blocked. Styles with a leg kick then was hit in the face with a big boot. Styles locked in the calf crusher but English put Rusev’s hand on the bottom rope. Styles went after English but Rusev hit a suplex on the floor. Back into the ring, Rusev hit a super kick to Styles for a near fall. Rusev missed a kick and Styles landed a head kick. Rusev with a knee strike and a head kick for 2. Rusev went for the Accolade but couldn’t because of his bad leg and Styles got to the ropes with ease. English pulled off the covering of the top turnbuckle and Rusev accidentally went head first into the exposed buckle. Styles with the springboard 450 splash for 2. Styles drop kicked English then went for the spring board forearm shot and hit it for the win.

Winner: Styles – Still Champion

WWE Intercontinental Title 30-Minute Iron Man Match: Dolph Ziggler © vs. Seth Rollins

They lock up and have a slow starting out style, which is pretty obvious. They both went for quick pin attempts as well. Rollins was able to hit a powerbomb in the corner and roll up Ziggler for the first fall. Rollins tossed Ziggler to the floor and sent him into the barricade a few times. Back in the ring, Ziggler hit a drop kick taking out the knees of Rollins and they trade quick pin attempts. Rollins hit the Stomp out of nowhere for the pin fall. Rollins is up by two. Rollins warmed up the band as he was able to go for Sweet Chin Music but Drew McIntyre attacked him from behind, which chased the DQ. Rollins is up by three now. Drew continued the beatdown and sent him several times into the apron and barricade. Drew connected with his finisher before leaving the ring as he was thrown out. Ziggler pinned Rollins to get his first fall. We have a 3-1 score. Ziggler with a superkick to score a fall. Ziggler went for another superkick and missed it and Rollins rolled him up for 2. Ziggler sent him into the ring post and hit the Zig Zag for the third fall. We are tired at 3-3 with about 17 minutes to go. Ziggler missed a splash in the corner and Rollins hit a big boot followed by the slingblade. Rollins clotheslined him over the top rope and was about to go for an outside dive, but Ziggler hit a right hand and used the top rope to his advantage for the fall. Ziggler worked over the left arm of the challenger as he tried to slow down the pace. Ziggler locked in a sleeper hold but Rollins finally got out of it and hit an outside dive where he he a second one on the opposite side of the ring. The crowd has tuned this match out by doing the Royal Rumble countdown buzzer each minute. Rollins with a blockbuster off the middle rope for 2. Rollins went to the top rope but Ziggler hit a drop kick sending him to the floor. Rollins blocked a DDT, hit a super kick and a knee strike for 2. Rollins went to the top rope but Ziggler knocked him down. After exchanging strikes, Ziggler hit a headbutt to knock him off and hit a frog splash for 2. Rollins hit a baseball slide to Ziggler out of the ring then back into the ring, Rollins place him on the top rope and hit a suplex then the falcon arrow for 2. Rollins with a kick to the gut then missed the stomp. Ziggler rolled him up for 2. Rollins sent him into the turnbuckle for the fall. We are tied at 4-4. Rollins locked in the sharpshooter then locked in a crossface but let it go and went for the stomp but Ziggler rolled out of the ring and tried to escape through the crowd. Back in the ring, Ziggler hit the fameasser for 2. Rollins caught him with the superkick then the stomp but couldn’t get the pin fall in time. We end tied at 4-4.

This led to Kurt Angle coming out and making it a sudden death ending. First star to get a victory next, wins this match. Drew came out of nowhere to distract Rollins which allowed Ziggler to hit the Zig Zag for the victory!

Winner: Ziggler – Still Champion (5-4).

Ziggler and McIntyre celebrated to close the show.