Lizzy Valentine vs. Hanes Classic & T.L.C.

Ryan Katz sent the following:

Saturday, October 23rd, 2010
Chatsworth, CA at The Pit
8:05 Bell Time
Hearts on Fire, Chapter 3

Check out the entire Hearts on Fire Chapter-2 show at:

It will be an inter-gender match-up of gargantuan proportions when “The Cock
of the Walk” Hanes Classic steps into the ring with indy wrestling’s hottest
hotbod, Lizzy Valentine. Valentine has cost Hanes Classic his last
2-matches, and also his chance at becoming the number-1 contender. Hanes
Classic has vowed revenge for the tornado DDT and constant groin shots, and
has announced that this match is about humiliation of her hotness. Lizzy
will likely be bringing The Luma Nation with her to ringside, but then
again, it might just be Grand Puba as “The Righteous One” Rocky Romero is
traveling the World and Bo Cooper will be preparing for his Championship

The Hearts on Fire trilogy will come to an end when The Hobo has his last
opportunity at the reigning Headblade Sponsored, Fur Lined Fit Pit Pro
Championship Title holder, Brawlin’ Bo Cooper in a tables, ladders and
chairs match. Just 2-weeks ago their match was deemed a No-Contest, after
The Champ was ARRESTED for using a flaming heart punch. It wasn’t the fire,
it was actually the Heart Punch, which has been deemed illegal by the state
of California, one of the many states who enforce that law. The Hobo has
demanded one more shot, and insisted it be a match so dirty, so dangerous
and so destructive, that he could use the tools of the match to break down
the big man and leave The Pit not only the darling of the crowd, but the new
Pit Pro Champion.

It’s school vs. school, when the Santino Brothers steps into The Pit,
represented by their teacher, “The Rock Superstar” Kaos. Kaos will be
taking on the man that defeated his protégé Rico Dynamite just 2-weeks ago,
the protégé of Fit Pit Pro Wrestling School trainer GQ Money, “The Modern
Day Midas” Mario Banks. The history between GQ Money and Kaos is heated and
deep, as the two former best friends and XPW cohorts, became bitter enemies
after a fallout in Nashville when things didn’t work out in TNA. It’s years
later and the animosity has been made worse, with both men running competing
wrestling schools in the Southern California area. What will happen when
the Cobra Kai of wrestling academies steps into The Pit?



Pittendales (Buff Biggie Biggs and Gyrating Jarek Matthews w/ DJ OMG) vs.
Team DisFunction (JJ “Cool” Steele and Spectre)

Over the Top Rope Battle Royal

The W.I.L.D. Championship will be up for grabs in a 3-way Ladies Match:
Defending Chamopion Thunder Kitty vs. Lucky O’Shea vs. Liz Savage