Looking At The Potential Of Steve Austin vs. Hulk Hogan

I was set to continue writing a column about some of the new WWE signings (that should be posted next week) and I planned to publish it tomorrow, but as I was scrolling through the recent wrestling news, I read a story that should be addressed. WWE ambassador, Hulk Hogan is once again trying to work his way into a big money match, this time with Stone Cold Steve Austin, as Hogan called out Austin during a recent interview. Hogan concluded his statement when he said that if the match with Austin couldn’t happen, he wants to wrestle John Cena. Isn’t it ironic that Hogan is trying to get a match with the biggest star of all time and the current top star? The quotes from the interview can be here.

Hogan is a smart business man, but his recent attempts to spark potential matches through outside media outlets are laughable. He went as far as hinting that he could wrestle another match previously, even though it was reported that he didn’t pass the WWE physical for his return to the company, which is why he hasn’t done anything other than promos. At this point, Hogan should only appear for promos and a PR role when it makes sense. Hogan trying to cash in on another match is ridiculous and the results would probably be embarrassing, for both Hogan and the WWE. Before Hogan’s attempt to draw Austin into a match, he actually named Lesnar as a potential opponent during a TMZ interview because the WWE champion informed him, “Party’s over grandpa.” As ridiculous as Hogan’s attempt to work another match is, it’s not really that surprising, considering his career.

Hogan has always looked for a way to maximize his pay check, which is somewhat understandable, but he damaged companies in the process with no regard to what it did to the business. The argument could be made that Hogan drained TNA and that it was one of the contributing factors for the current TNA situation. You can’t blame Hogan for taking the money, but the reality is, Hogan needed the money and he wasn’t there to help TNA. There was also a similar pattern during Hogan’s WCW run and while he used his creative control stipulation if he didn’t want to do the job, he will probably take a different approach when trying to pitch a WWE match.

Hulk knows that he doesn’t have the political power to insist that he gets a win during a match with the WWE champion or the top star in the company, which is why he would volunteer to do the job because the pay check is the only reason he is trying to promote a potential match. As embarrassing as a current Hogan match would be, the money is more important to Hulk than tarnishing his legacy. Let’s be honest here, Hulk is 61 years old and Brock Lesnar just destroyed John Cena so how would it be logical for Lesnar to do anything other than squash Hogan? The same could be said for a Cena match, why would he sell anything for Hogan? That being said, Hogan’s lame attempt to get a match probably won’t generate a demand for it and it seems doubtful the WWE would book it.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.

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  • Tyler Black

    Hogan…Well it’s simple Terry let me tell ya something BROTHER Botha is a prostitute.He’ll do anything for money.But what’s worse is more then anything he’s a spotlight slut he always wants to be the pretty girl at the party.It’s pathetic he can barely walk doing that shuffle foot bullshit!.But wants a match? That’s not for the fans or legacy it’s so he can relive the glory days and pad his oversized wallet FUCK HOGAN!!!

    • Hollyvvood Hunter

      stop whining bitch….your diaper full?

  • jmull

    This is a biased hit piece that did not analyze anything.

    • Hollyvvood Hunter

      agreed….bunch of 90s wwe marks who dont have a fucking clue what their talking about.

  • CoOlHaNdLuKe

    party’s over grandpa..

  • Jason

    This is how i see it… Austin vs Hogan should of happened at that Wrestlemania Instead of Austin vs Hall. That should of been Austin’s moment when he would of BEAT Hogan to cement himself as the greatest legend of all time regardless of what grandpa says.

    If not this than Rock beating Hogan at Wrestlemania… and than following Austin beating The Rock instead of the otherway around since it was Austin’s “last match” and THAT should be the original ONE that beat THE ONE……

    • Hollyvvood Hunter

      AUSTIN had a good 7-8 year run,Hogan had been a main eventer for nearly 2 decades before Austin even got out of being jobber….far from goat bubba

    • jmull


  • Hollyvvood Hunter

    Your a total mark and joke at the same time bubba…..and laughable.

  • JohnCenaDropkick

    The window for hogan vs austin has passed in my opinion. Both eras aren’t exactly relevant anymore and furthermore a pg steve austin is not stone cold steve austin. Although I’m sure austin would push the envelope promo wise where this match will suffer is hogans imput both in match and promos. Could this match happen? Sure, should this match happen?………nah

  • http://wrestlingfan.net RReigns121314

    I’d rather chew glass then to see this match happen……. AintNobodyGotTimeFo’Dat

  • Graham Darryl

    It’s amazing the lack of respect some(not all) of the IWC shows for hulk hogan. The guy put the sport on the map and is by far the most recognizable wrestler in the world…. not even close. I’ve been to Japan and China. Majority knew hulk hogan, not steve austin or most wwe stars. Show the guy some respect and don’t be so narrow minde