Smark Talk: Looking At WWE’s Main Event Superstars & Roster

I am really confused as to what WWE is doing with their talent management.

We know that Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan are in bad shape and not due to return any time soon. That, with CM Punk leaving and Brock Lesnar showing up twice a year, leaves the top of WWE very thin. We had Cena and Orton taking control for a little bit. However, people get bored of them easily and left WWE viewership in decline. WWE started pushing Ambrose and Rollins. During that time, though, they buried Cesaro and Bray Wyatt. The latter two men are very capable of handling and carrying a main event. Rollins and Ambrose certainly can carry and have proven themselves. Heck, when Rollins gave Lesnar the curb stomp a month or so ago, I was in disbelief! But, the tide is turning for the worse, once more.

Not only does WWE bury this awesome return of Bray Wyatt (attacking Ambrose at HIAC PPV) by having Wyatt fight Sin Cara on Main Event (yuck)…but now they’re burying Orton by writing him off TV so he can film the new Condemned movie. Does WWE really believe they can afford to cut more guys off the top? They’re certainly not pushing any of their other talents to the top. Where are the title shots (big title) for The Miz or Dolph Ziggler?

What WWE should do when they’re in this time of no top talents is to split the belt once more. They already ruined their Money in the Bank moving it from WrestleMania to its own PPV and now they’re moving Elimination Chamber. Also, no one watched SmackDown anymore as its rehashing of Raw and the PPVs. John Cena now has his third title shot at Lesnar, which isn’t even set in stone because we don’t know when we’ll see Lesnar again. This is becoming a joke. WWE just needs to swallow their pride, split up the titles and start putting more people at the top. Heck, even shake it up and give the title to Bo Dallas or something and just create a monster heel out of him. No one would see it coming and it is moments like that where people will talk and start to tune in.

How many people tune in when they know Cena is still the champ? Cena certainly deserves everything he’s earned and will earn, but it’s stagnant. The guy hasn’t changed who he is since 2006 and can’t be stopped. The product just feels like it’s getting boring. Fortunately we have the new video game coming out to give us the fantasy matches without people getting injured. I can only hope that by the time Royal Rumble comes, we get Orton back and Reigns back. I know Bryan is likely done wrestling and we can give up on expecting CM Punk to return. At least during this time with Orton out, I hope WWE can either bring in Brock Lesnar for a few weeks leading up to Survivor Series or debut someone on the main roster like the NXT big guys or even Sting.

What do you think? Comment below with your thoughts, opinions, feedback and anything else that was raised.