Looking into AEW Dynamite (8/17/22)

This weeks AEW Dynamite was absolutely fantastic, so much to like, CM Punk and Jon Moxley killed it in their promo segment, Daniel Garcia and Bryan Danielson put on a classic and the big return of Kenny Omega finally happened.

CM Punk and Jon Moxley

Punk comes out and starts throwing verbal barbs about against Mox, calls him third best member of the Shield, which was a fantastic line, as well as getting a couple of shots in a Eddie Kingston too. It got to the point where Moxley had enough and he came out to confront Punk.

These guys killed it on the mic and delivered a great back and forth, Moxley called out Punk for only coming back for the money, Punk said he isn’t the first Jon he will beat in Chicago for a World title. Just really good stuff from the two, eventually they end up in a pull apart brawl. Thoroughly enjoyed this segment and it opened the show, fantastic.

Then a little later in the show, Moxley comes out and challenges Punk for the match on this show, and again, their brawl is separated.

Daniel Garcia vs Bryan Danielson – 2 out of 3 falls

This match was fantastic, early on in the match there was a striking exchange, both men hitting each other with chops, hard hitting, looked great. So Garcia wins the first fall of the match with the dragon sleeper. I am a big fan of Garcia and early in the second fall match, he started mocking the YES chants that Bryan used in WWE, absolutely brilliant.

Garcia exposed the concrete on the outside, which usually means something is going to happen, and it did when Garcia DDT’d Danielson into the concrete floor. This busted Bryan open. Although soon after Bryan got the second fall catching Garcia by surprise for a pin.

The biggest moment during the next fall match, was Bryan and Garcia trading shots as they sent each other into the ring post shoulder first, Bryan sold this really well and got back into the ring just before the 10 count.

In the end Bryan Danielson picked up the win over Daniel Garcia in a fantastic hard hitting technical wrestling match, amazing work from these two. Once again giving Garcia a great spotlight to show how good he is.

Post-match, Jericho comes out and attacks Bryan from behind, however Garcia stops him from continuing. This is a very interesting development, it will most likely lead to a Danielson vs Jericho match, but the question is where does leave Garcia? Later on in the show we find out that Jericho and Garcia will have a segment together next week.

Varsity Blondes vs The Gunn Club

Very quick match, basically a squash match where the Gunn Club pick up the win, which they did need. But the post-match is important here as Austin and Colten Gunn attack their father, Billy Gunn, and with Stokely Hathaway there to see it, obviously this means they are now partnered with Stokely. During the beatdown The Acclaimed come out for the save and a reunion between Billy Gunn and The Acclaimed happened.

I think they were teasing this for a couple of weeks now, with Austin and Colten turning on their father, should be interesting to see where this goes because Stokely has been getting a lot of wrestlers under his management.

Also, The Acclaimed look like they are being set up as tag title challengers soon, so they will be worth keeping an eye on. Speaking of the tag titles, a match between Swerve in our Glory and Private Party was announced for Rampage.

Jungle Boy vs Christian at All Out?

Jungle boy comes out and basically challenges Christian Cage to a match at All Out, Christian declines as he puts on a charade to try and lure Jungle Boy back to his side in a similar way he did to Luchasaurus.

In this case Jungle Boy finally gets his hands on Christian, beating him down around ringside before taking out the arm of Christian on the steel steps.

Luchasaurus was not on the show this week after he headbutted a producer backstage last week, they didn’t say he got suspended but he could be on next week’s show.

I thought the segment was well done, maybe a little too predictable with Jungle Boy attacking Christian, but this probably sets up the match at All Out, where Luchasaurus will finally show where his true allegiance lies.

Toni Storm vs KiLynn King

Solid match, good work from both women, and Toni Storm wins as you would expect. This has now set up for the match at All Out between Thunder Rosa and Toni Storm. Their first match at Forbidden Door was good so this next match should be great.

I think the question is here, will there be a heel turn? Because it feels like something is building up, and if Toni Storm wins the title, and Thunder Rosa turns, that could make for a very interesting dynamic, so I’m excited to see where this leads.

Before the main event, a huge match announcement was made, and next week on Dynamite it will be CM Punk vs Jon Moxley, Unification match for the AEW World Championship. Massive announcement as most of us thought that match would be at All Out, but it is on next week, and it could be possible we see a returning MJF, as I think Punk wins and that feud between Punk and MJF will be renewed.

La Faccion Ingobernables vs The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega

I mean who else was it going to be, if it wasn’t Omega, the disappointment would be big, but return was nailed. Kenny Omega is back finally, so glad to see him back in the ring, he got a great reaction and can not wait to see more of him in this tournament.

Expectations were met for this match, it was excellent, at one point, The Elite hit a triple suplex on Dragon Lee, Rush and Andrade. Kenny Omega gets the win for The Elite via a one-winged angel as they advance to the semi-finals of the trios tournament. With this return I could see The Elite going all the way and winning the tournament. Would love to see House of Black vs The Elite in the finals.

It was an excellent show this week, and all these returns are only going to make the shows even greater, I’m very excited to see what is in store leading up to All Out and then going into Dynamite Grand Slam.

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