Luke Harper Has Sights Set On Main Event Scene, Talks Working With Usos

Luke Harper spoke about various topics during his appearance on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness (via Here are the highlights.

His goals:

“That is 100% my goal [to become a mainstay on the main event scene].” Harper admitted, “I am dying to be a world champion, a single’s world champion. The taste of it that I got with the Intercontinental title, and the run against Randy [Orton], and stuff like that, I feel like no doubt, I could be there and do it. “I don’t know what the path will be or if that path will ever present itself here or elsewhere, I don’t know, but that is by far my goal. And it’s kind of hard because you think, ‘how hard will it be if that doesn’t happen’ and you kind of have to go back to the things that you enjoy that you do have. But at the same time, yeah, I’m dying to do that. I believe in myself to the point where I can be that guy. And sometimes that hurts being told that by guys like [Edge and Christian] and if you read Twitter and you get told that. Then, you start to believe it too much and it can become detrimental. But at the same time, I believe it in myself.”

The Usos:

“Those two guys are not only two of the best guys in the world, I think they’re two of the best workers in the world.” Harper acknowledged, “and they’ve reinvented themselves again. And, I mean, I love working with them. We work with them on the road all the time and I cannot say enough about those two.”