Luke Harper On His Current Role in WWE, Future In Acting, More

WWE SmackDown star Luke Harper recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of Here are the highlights:

On his future in acting:

“Acting is a big ambition, but I still have a professional wrestling world to conquer,” said Huber. “I don’t think I’ve even dipped my toes in the water compared to what I’d like to do by the end of my career.  They might be high ambitions but they’re my goals, and if I don’t accomplish them, then it’s on me.”

On his love for pro wrestling:

“Professional wrestling is a beautiful yet cruel mistress,” explained Huber. “She will treat you well and treat you horribly, but outside of my family, it is my one true love. I’m an addict for it and I’ll never go away from it, it’s my life. This is a buttress for pro wrestling, and it can only make me better at professional wrestling.”

On his current role in WWE:

“I’m exactly where I want to be,” said Huber. “There came a time where I wasn’t so sure about that, but I know now this is where I want to be. The Bludgeon Brothers are the Bludgeon Brothers. We don’t care if people think we look like Kane. We are impactful and get the job done.”