Luke Harper’s High School Yearbook Photo

Although information on Luke Harper outside of the ring is scarce, what is known is that he grew up in Rochester, New York and that his real name is Johnathan Huber.

Below is an image of the WWE Superstar’s senior photo in high school — since he was born in 1979, it would likely be from 1997.

  • jrock2310

    he looks like a hasidic jew now.

  • Harps Starkz

    He must have got all the bitches lol

  • no

    Nick jonas?

  • Jam

    Holy hell, I barely see any of a change. Mostly just short hair & a clean shave

  • SirPennington
  • 140lb Future WWE Superstar

    I said this before….He kind of looks like he can be related to JBL..

    • naturallythe1


      • 140lb Future WWE Superstar

        No? he could play JBL’s nephew…more of a fit than Heath Slater. Have him cut his hair and beard…Cowboy hat and suit…You still think no?

  • A True Villain


  • Knightgeek

    HAHAHAHA. Awesome find. Except it was 98. And it was McQuaid Jesuit HS in Rochester, NY.

  • Joe Kupe

    And he is one heck of a softball player too!

  • Todd Voeltz

    My long lost beard brother

  • Sean Stout

    I thought Luke was in his 40s. He looks like he at least. I thought that yearbook pic was from the 1980s. Surprised the heck out of me it was from 1997.

  • Jeff Garbage Thrower

    I was in the same school. The guy always discus clothelined people for no reason.

  • MFox1976

    Worked with him in NWA Upstate. Always knew he had it.

  • Hillbilly Jim

    Was voted most likely to become a sweaty hillbilly wrestler lol.