Madusa Talks About Getting Low Pay In WCW, Possibility Of Comeback Match

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Could WWE Women’s Championship-in-the-trash-can author Madusa become the latest women’s wrestling star to return for “one more match?”

WWE Hall of Fame legend Alundra Blayze recently sounded off on a potential comeback match, as well as how low her pay was during her WCW days during a recent Inside The Ropes interview.

Featured below are some of the highlights.

On getting paid about $75,000 per year in WCW: “I’m like, What is going on? I was so livid. I just feel that Eric got so caught up into the nWo and bringing the big guys and they’re getting million dollar contracts, or $800, or three or $500,000, whatever, I was making $75,000. You know, I mean, my God, all of my stuff had to come out of that and pay taxes by the time you know, you bring home $20,000.”

On possibly coming back for one more match: “I would never suggest ‘Hey, I need to come back for a full run and steal the spotlight from somebody’. Oh, hell no. But I probably could go for a retirement match. I mean, I feel like I still have it. But before I even thought of that, I definitely would want to get down in the ring in Natalya’s gym and roll around for a couple of months first.”

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