Magnum TA & Nikita Koloff Set For PGH This Saturday

In 1985, Magnum TA, who broke into the business a mere five years earlier before he skyrocketed to prominence as one of the rising youngsters in the industry, stood across the ring from “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair with the NWA World Heavyweight championship on the line inside Three Rivers Stadium, the historic venue that saw the Steelers dynasty win four Super Bowls the previous decade. Pittsburgh, a region known almost as much for its wrestling as the steel it once produced, was known as WWF country, primarily because of the foundation put into place by the Italian strongman, Bruno Sammartino. However, this rare northeast appearence for the Carolina-based Jim Crockett Promoters, was memorable for more than just where the event took place.

Famously, a rain storm hit the outdoor show, leaving Flair and his challenger to battle in the downpour for the vast majority of the 55-minute bout. The contest was declared a disqualification when Magnum unintentionally sent the champion sailing over the top rope, and the exhausted Flair landed on the soggy turf at ringside.

Thankfully, Terry Allen’s upcoming visit to the steel city is set to be much for pleasant and for a good cause. Plus, the former NWA United States champion is bring an old friend and former foe with him, “The Russian Nightmare Nikita Koloff.

This Saturday, the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance will host its biggest spectacular of the year, “Fan Fast” at The Langley American Legion Post 496 in Sheraden, PA with a full card of action and the two previously mentioned NWA legends making very rare Pittsburgh appearances for the special night. The KSWA, founded more than two decades ago and specializing in grappling events held inside the city limits, participates in a variety of fundraisers for various causes throughout the year. In a show of holiday spirit, the KSWA offices formed a Christmas tag team with Allegheny County Department of Human Services Holiday Project for a toy drive at Fan Fest. The fans that are expected to jam-pack the American Legion this weekend are encouraged by the wrestling league to bring a new, unwrapped gift that can be donated for families in need this holiday season.

The good cause and the night of grappling provide a win-win for everyone involved.

Aside from the chance to meet Magnum TA and Nikita Koloff for photo-ops and autographs, fans in attendance will see a unique night of action that can only be delivered by the Keystone State Wrestling Alliance. A throwback to the heyday of Pittsburgh Studio Wrestling from a prior era, the KSWA league focuses its brand on entertaining characters and action that evokes an audience reaction, as the “krazies,” the wholesome nickname given to the dedicated KSWA fanbase, jeer the villains while they rally the heroes to victory.

KSWA stalwarts like ring announcer “Trapper” Tom Leturgey, and beloved official, Shawn Patrick will be in the house to join the cast of stars on the card this Saturday. Trapper Tom’s booming voice will lead names like local legend, T. Rantula to the ring to clash with the upstart Johnny Norris, an agile big man that has made waves throughout the arena since events began to run again after the pandemic. Patrick will be tasked with counting the shoulders when The Apex, the combination of Ron Hunt and Joshua Kovad square off with the duo of Pittsburgh legend, Dennis Gregory and accomplished youngster, Edric Everhart. Independent wrestling icon Super Henti will step into the ring with Tyler Grayson with the Golden Triangle Championship at stake. Longtime cornerstone of the organization, The Dynasty’s Shawn Blanchard goes one-on-one with “Commander” Don Scholz to settle a score boiling between the two at The American Legion. The KSWA Heavyweight championship will be decided when Lou Martin defends against three challengers in a wild fatal four-way contests. Plus, other scheduled bouts will complete the card for what many anticipate will be a memorable night of professional wrestling action.

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