Malakai Black Speaks On His Faction’s Future, Working Creatively With Tony Khan

AEW star Malakai Black talked about working creatively with President Tony Khan, during an interview with the Soundsphere podcast:

“I think slowly but surely now, people are slowly coming around to what I’m trying to do and have a sense of intrigue with it because you know, if I look at our [House of Black] TV numbers, if I look at our merchandise numbers, you know, we’re doing really well for as limited as we’ve been to be honest… It’s also part of my frustration, right? Because I have this vision and I have to convey this vision to the man in charge and he doesn’t always agree so we have to find a level of what we agree on and that sometimes causes me to sacrifice part of my vision but it also causes him to sacrifice part of his vision. But, I will always say, he’s always done right by me and he’s always found ways to work with me and I also know that I’m not always the easiest to deal with in terms of that because I’m such — you know, if I see something and I know it’s gonna work, then I’m like, no, if we change one single thing about it, it’s not gonna come across the way it’s gonna come across, right?”

Black also commented on his faction’s future:

“Every single day, we [House of Black] grow stronger and every single day, we accomplish more and more and whether it takes us three weeks or three years or 30 years, eventually we will get what we are owed, which is the AEW, hopefully trios titles, which is the AEW Tag Titles, which is the most prestigious title in the world which is the AEW World Title being around either my waist, Brody’s waist or Buddy’s waist.”

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