Man Like DeReiss Comments On How The 0121 Originated, His Influences, More

One half of PROGRESS Wrestling’s Tag Team Champions, Man Like DeReiss of the 0121, took some time to participate in an exclusive Q&A interview with to promote next month’s Super Strong Style 16. The three-day wrestling extravaganza begins on Friday, June 3rd, which is a bank holiday in England, with all three shows at the Electric Ballroom in Camden, London.

The 0121 will defend their Progress Wrestling Tag Team Championship at Super Strong Style 16 in a gravity-defying triple ladder match involving Smokin’ Aces and Sunshine Machine. Tickets are available now from

Below is the Q&A interview:

Where did the name 0121 originate from?

It comes from the area code in our country. We had 0121 in our bios, as well and we didn’t have a name at first, so that was the name that stuck.

When did you guys start wrestling and how did the tag team form?

I started in 2016 and Dan started before me. We met at a show and we became good friends. We started at Attack! Pro Wrestling and now we’re all over the country currently.

Who are some of your influences?

Pretty much anybody in TNA’s old X Division. AJ Styles, Consequences Creed and Chris Daniels. And Kurt Angle too.

What are some matches you’d recommend to fans that aren’t familiar with your work?

Definitely check out our match with Smokin’ Aces. That’s actually available on the WWE network.

Tickets for Super Strong Style 16’s individual days, and a special ticket covering all three days, are on sale now via