Exclusive: Manny Lemons Speaks Out About Appearing on WWE and AEW TV on the Same Night, and More

(Photo Credit: @mannylemons)

Manny Lemons, the latest wrestler to “pull a Rick Rude” by appearing on both WWE RAW and AEW Dark: Elevation this past Monday, recently spoke to PWMania.com for an exclusive interview. Lemons teamed with Atiba in a loss to Isiah Kassidy and Matt Hardy on AEW Dark: Elevation. Shortly after, Lemons was on WWE RAW, acting as a security guard in the opening segment with Adam Pearce, Kevin Owens, and The Bloodline (Sami Zayn, The Usos, and Solo Sikoa).

Lemons opened up about his experience in WWE and AEW, meeting Triple H and Tony Khan, if there were any backstage differences, the general reactions from “pulling a Rick Rude,” and more.

Below is the complete exclusive PWMania.com interview with Manny Lemons:

What’s the general reaction been like from “pulling a Rick Rude,” by appearing on both WWE RAW and AEW Dark: Elevation on the same night earlier this week?

To be honest, it’s been a humbling experience for sure. I’ve been wrestling for 10 years. On December 3rd I ran a live PPV on FiteTV for Devotion Championship Wrestling’s 4 Year Anniversary, staring DDP and Eric Bishoff. I wrestled Josh Alexander for the Impact World title. Since then it’s been a re-spark to my career. I am calling it the Resurgence of Manny Lemons. And these two opportunities are proof we are just getting started.

How did the recent WWE and AEW opportunities arise?

I am originally from SLC Utah. I moved to Georgia in 2020 to help further my career in the business. I ended up training at the Nightmare Factory with Cody Rhodes, QT Marshall and Glacier. I created a good connection with AEW in my 2 years tended there. I was heading back to GA in December, and seeing they would be where my layover is in Denver, Colorado, I figured why not ask for an opportunity on my way to my destination. I was originally booked for WWE Raw in Nashville, hence why I was heading back to the East coast. I’ve done extra work for WWE, so I always would hit them up for opportunities.

Did you interact with Triple H or Tony Khan at all backstage?

Briefly. They both are so busy running the shows. It was mostly a quick interaction, shaking both their hands and introducing myself, that was about it.

Were there many backstage differences between WWE and AEW?

I have friends from both companies or worked with pretty much everyone in some capacity. It was really easy for me backstage. Both companies are running very professionally.

Your WWE RAW segment involved you playing security during The Bloodline’s “hostile takeover,” how much preparation was there before the live segment?

The preparation was like anything you do on live TV. Walk through the spots making sure everything and everyone is in place, so there are no mess-ups on live TV. Everyone was so chill and really easy to work with.

You teamed with Atiba to face Isiah Kassidy and Matt Hardy in tag team action on AEW Dark this week, what was your experience from the match?

The experience was humbling for sure. I’ve worked with Hardy a few times in the past he’s always been really chill to me and easy to work with. But it’s like anything, what’s next?

You’re the owner of Devotion Wrestling and The Al Snow Wrestling Academy – UTAH, tell us a bit about both companies. How can fans watch Devotion Wrestling and get involved with The Al Snow Wrestling Academy?

Devotion Championship Wrestling started in December of 2018. The show was called Fesivas Fights. The sole purpose was to perform one show in front of my family as they’ve always loved watching my wrestling, my Grandmother in particular, the show was a total success which shows the community of Utah needed a change. Ever since then, we’ve grown into one of the most well-known indies in the country.

I had no desire to run a school or promotion. Reka Tehaka, or on WOW, Lei Makoa, looked at me and said ‘if you’re gonna do this. You’re gonna train me.’ The rest was history. I decided to open a school along with the promotion. Roman Rozell introduced me to Al Snow in the Pandemic, and that’s how we became the The Al Snow Wrestling Academy of Utah.

Fans can get involved with the school by contacting us via:

* Facebook: facebook.com/DevotionChampionshipWrestling and facebook.com/ASWAUtah
* Instagram: @DevotionChampionshipWrestling and @ASWAUtah
* Twitter: @DCWSaltLakeCity and @TheAlSnowWrest1

What are you goals for the future?

My vision remains the same. I feel my role here is to help elevate the industry into levels it’s never been before. My goal is to be a world champion for a major promotion. We ain’t stopping till we reach the top. #allgasnobrakes

What are you currently up to on the indy scene? Where can fans catch you wrestling and on social media?

This week we return to OVW Thursday January 5th and Saturday January7th for the Nightmare Rumble, live on FiteTV.

Other confirmed appearances include, RIP on January 13th in Denver, Colorado. Lucha on January 20th in Orem, Utah, CWC on January 27th in Colorado Springs and DCW Tussle Time 4 on February 4th in Ogden, Utah.

Fans can find me on Twitter at @mannylemons, Facebook at facebook.com/mannylemons, YouTube at @mannylemons8157 and Instagram at @mannylemons.