Maria Kanellis Fires Back At Critics With Social Media Message

Maria Kanellis took to her official Instagram account to fire back at her critics with the following post:

“Tell me again how I don’t belong, how I don’t deserve it, how I am talentless… thanks for the inspiration a-holes. I worked in WWE for 5 and a half years before working on the Indy’s. I could have quit after WWE. Married some rich dude ‘to take care of me.’ I didn’t. I worked my ass off. My house was foreclosed on in 2012. My reality show got dropped. I kept working.

So, I graduated with honors with a bachelors degree. My husband had a drug addiction. So, I fought for my marriage. I got pregnant. So, I started a business. I had a baby… so, now I’m working my way back. I’m not done. ‘Fans’ keep running your mouths. And I’ll say thank you because one of my favorite things to do is prove people wrong. ‘Fans’ forget I love this business. I love wrestling. I love managing. And I’m not done.”