Maria Responds To WWE Release Report, Rey Mysterio and Andrade Praised

– Maria Kanellis responded to a fan’s comment regarding her and husband Mike reportedly asking to be released from WWE:

– During his recent podcast, Sean “X-Pac” Waltman talked about the Rey Mysterio vs. Andrade match from this week’s Smackdown. The podcast passed along the following quote:

“When I turned it on and I saw the way the match was going, early parts of it, I am like ‘okay this is gonna be good’ because they were taking their time and they were doing a slow build and it was good. Respect to those guys, and guys that do that style can start cutting a real frantic pace and it’s really hard to digest and people were in it they were invested. They were taking their time, they were doing wrestling, take-downs. You could just see the people, they weren’t dicking around they were all watching, eyes were on the ring, it was really nice to see that… It was a nice solid win for him over Rey…. And Zelina Vega I can’t put her over enough, she’s so valuable out there as part of that act. I mean she would do great on her own or with anyone but I really love those two together.”