Mark Henry Addresses Goldberg vs. The Undertaker

(Photo Credit: WWE)

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry addressed the Goldberg vs. Undertaker hype for Super Showdown:

“It’s not about all the wins and losses that Goldberg and Undertaker have amassed in all of these years,” he said. “These are 2 of the greatest wrestling icons in the history of the game. Any time that you can put together fantasy warfare…this is modern day fantasy warfare.

If I was Goldberg, and he mentioned my family, my kid, I’d go on TV tonight and say ‘Listen dude, you’re a man, you will bleed just like anyone else … You wanted the Goldberg that was 100-0? You got him.’,” he said. “If we get that guy, you don’t need buildup, you don’t need a storyline, you just need to turn the music on and let these two monsters walk to the ring, and it’ll be like Godzilla and Mothra.”