Mark Henry Addresses Jim Cornette – NWA Situation

In an interview with, Mark Henry discussed Jim Cornette resigning from the NWA. For those of you that missed it, here is what Cornette said during the NWA Powerrr broadcast:

“He [Trevor Murdoch] is the only man I’ve ever known that can strap a bucket of fried chicken on his back and ride a motor scooter across Ethiopia.”

Here was Henry’s response:

“I would say, ‘Jim … please apologize, and mean it. And if you don’t mean it, then go all the way Darth Vader and tell I just don’t like black people.’”

“At least I know who you are. And, then I can get rid of this feeling that I have in my heart. It’s like having your mother or father disown you. I feel like a sense of mourning.”

“Prior to all of this, the relationship that I had with Jim Cornette has been really, really good. He taught me a lot about pro wrestling. He allowed me into his home to look at his archive. He helped me to be the wrestler that I became. And, I probably wouldn’t have been the guy without him.”

“But, it is very, very hurtful. And, I don’t get emotional about much, but I feel a sense of loss.”