Mark Henry Defends WWE For Holding Crown Jewel, Talks John Cena Pulling Out Of The Show

Mark Henry has defended WWE from the criticism of holding Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia despite the public backlash as well as John Cena deciding not to work the show by competing in the World Cup Tournament during a recent interview with TMZ. Here are the highlights.

Cena not working the show: “I wouldn’t ever say that person is making the wrong decision. I’d say, that’s not the decision I’d make. I would stand by my guns and do what’s right for business.”

WWE going through with the show: “I’m a firm believer in not leaving people out to dry,” … Henry says, “Our fans, they wanna see you. Give our fans what they want. The WWE is just 1 business. There’s hundreds of thousands of businesses doing business internationally. Why pick on one?”