Mark Henry On His Hall Of Pain Run In WWE, Current Activities

WWE Hall Of Famer Mark Henry appeared on the latest episode of the E&C Pod Of Awesomeness where he discussed various topics. Here are the highlights (H/T

His Hall Of Pain run:

“That was probably my best work and I was given the chance to do what I wanted. I had the freedom to have a promo segment against somebody like John Cena and I could go out there and say “just because you won championships and the company is behind you doesn’t mean that I do.” If you tell the truth, not saying that John Cena is a bad human being because he’s not, but when I walked between those ropes Vince told me not to hurt nobody, and that was it.”

Current WWE Role:

“I have been doing the ambassador thing, I am not doing it currently, right now the only thing I am employed to do is with Sirius XM. I have my own Strongman show and we are doing our first show in Washington D.C.”