Mark Henry Says Austin Theory Could Become The Face Of WWE One Day

On Busted Open Radio, Mark Henry talked about how usually when a WWE star is paired with Vince McMahon on television, that’s a good indication for how the WWE Chairman sees them.

He thinks Austin Theory doing segments with McMahon on Monday Night Raw is a good sign for the young star.

“I was torn and I ended up with Austin Theory because he’s doing something that very few wrestlers get to do, i.e. play Robin to Batman, which is playing Robin to Vince McMahon. Austin (Stone Cold) did it, The Rock did it, Mankind did it, and you go down the list of guys that had serious interactions with Vince, those storylines with Vince: who did they become? The face of the company, ‘The Guy.’”

“Austin Theory is on that trajectory. He’s young, he can be groomed, he listens, he wants to be great, and he realizes the position is that he is in, and he’s doing what he’s told and he’ll be a star.”