Mark Henry Threatening To Sue Lio Rush

Former WWE star Lio Rush recently went on Twitter and criticized Mark Henry with the following comments:

“Woke up remembering the time Mark Henry said I lied to him to his face & then continued to bury me on his podcast while telling me i need to learn how to spend my money better. Shit was crazy. Sorry man, i didn’t mean to have a wife and two kids on top of other responsibilities.”

Henry offered Rush a chance to appear on his podcast to sort things out and Rush responded with the following:

“This number isn’t working. Unless you forgot to pay the bill. Maybe you need to budget your money a bit better.

Don’t even know why I’m entertaining this. Keep my name in your mouth if you please. You literally have nothing better to do then to continue to talk Pile of poo on a situation that happened over a year ago about a 25 year old who just lost his damn job.

Sorry guys, but I’ve been holding my breathe for way too long. People like this need to get called out. It’s sickening, it’s disappointing and extremely discouraging. I love my fans and i pray that one day in the future the state of this kind of matter progresses.

And this is why African American talent on the biggest platform will continue to not have equal opportunity because people like you constantly tear your own people down. A damn shame honestly.”

In an interview with, Henry responded to Rush’s comments:

“If you go down to the performance center at NXT, probably 25 I think, people of color in the facility, probably about 80 plus percent of them I helped get them there. I mean, it’s completely opposite.”

“He knew that I get a lot of attention. I have a lot of followers and he released the album, or song, or something, and he wanted to use that to get some attention. Get some buzz.

“If he would’ve called me, I would’ve done it anyway. We would’ve just worked it. I would of really talked it up, we would of made world news, but now he said something slanderous.”

“And, you can’t question my blackness. Like nobody can question my blackness, pull my black card. No, not allowed. Nobody.”

“My lawyer went to Harvard. I don’t know what kinda lawyers he’s dealing with, but I got those Ivy League people around me, and they’re pissed!”

“He needs to apologize.”