Mark Henry’s In-Ring Atatus, Brandi Rhodes Comments On NXT

– In an interview with, Mark Henry was asked about getting back in a WWE ring and here was Henry’s response:

“I would say no, but my wife would say yes,” Henry explained. “If you start throwing a little money around, you know, we’ve got to get them bills paid.”

– In an interview with, Brandi Rhodes commented on NXT moving to the USA Network:

“I definitely can’t speak for them and their business planning and thinking, but as far as AEW is concerned we’re all for it. We are excited to be on Wednesday night. We’ve got amazing things lined up. We can’t wait to get to air. We’re actually on the TNT campus right now with a ton of meetings and going over all sorts of aspects of rolling into Oct. 2. It’s a wild and great time for everyone. Our fans are going to be shocked, satiated and I think they will keep coming back for more.”