Marty Scurll On Best In The World PPV, The Young Bucks, More

Marty Scurll recently spoke with Justin Barrasso of to promote the Best in the World PPV and talk about various topics. Here are the highlights.

Justin Barrasso: In many ways, you are the “third” man in this triple-threat title match. Cody Rhodes made news with the announcement that, after he wins the Ring of Honor world title this Friday at Best of the World, he will then defend it in a title-versus-title match against NWA world’s heavyweight champion Nick Aldis on September 1 at All In. Dalton Castle has been dealing with a back injury but also spoke about the importance of prolonging his title run.

Are you looking forward to sending shock waves throughout the wrestling community by winning the title, especially when you’ve been overlooked in the lead-up to the match?

“I wouldn’t see myself as the “third man”. I’m the man that the fans want to see as Ring of Honor champion. It’s time. You can’t beat my popularity at Ring of Honor. It’s time for a change. The fans want a champion who can give them those matches and memories that last forever. One that can take them on a ride. Both Cody and Dalton are great wrestlers, but if we’re all brutally honest with ourselves, they can’t lace my boots. I remember the legendary title reigns of guys like Bryan Danielson, Nigel McGuinness, where show in and show out they would go out there and put on epic title matches which really got the world talking about Ring of Honor. I don’t think the title has had that this past year and Best in the World is my chance to become that champion that the fans want and desire.”

JB: The Being The Elite series has allowed talent to drive their own storylines and for viewers to enjoy a unique look at the unadulterated personalities of some of wrestling’s stars. What have you gained from your time on Being The Elite? Does the creativity of the Young Bucks ever cease to amaze you?

“Wrestling is about connecting with the audience. Giving them a reason to care. Same reason I binge watch series on Netflix, because the stories and characters get me invested. It’s hard to get fans invested in just wrestling. Good wrestling will do that, but there’s lots of good wrestling these days. You have to be prepared to do more. To go the extra mile. Being The Elite is our platform. It’s our Monday Night Raw. You’re seeing our creativity and passion firsthand. There are no writers here, we’re not doing something we’re told to do. We’re the artists and we’re holding the paintbrushes.”

JB: Two of your Bullet Club brethren in Rhodes and Kenny Omega battle for the IWGP heavyweight championship in San Francisco at the G1 special. Will you be in either man’s corner? What is your goal in New Japan?

“Let me get one thing straight, I love New Japan. I love wrestling in Japan so much. It’s just the best. The stories you can tell there are just so authentic and organic. You wrestle and the fans react. It’s genuine. It’s legit. Unlike many other wrestlers I’m not using New Japan as a platform to go to WWE. I’m there because it’s where I’m meant to be. I want to help take the company to new places, break boundaries and that glass ceiling. Provide the fans that alternative they’ve craved for since the late ‘90s. You can see signs of it already. New Japan selling out shows in the States. Our shirts in Hot Topic. New Japan is the place where I can be “The Villain” that I envision, and that vision has me at the very top of New Japan.”