Matt Cardona Claims Past 3 Years Have Been Most Successful Of His Career

Matt Cardona has been having a great time the past three years.

And he’s been achieving quite an amount of success.

The former WWE Superstar known as Zack Ryder took to social media on Monday and wrote about how the past three years have been the most fun and successful of his career.

“These 3 years (really 2 because of that fucking pandemic) being a “free agent” (🤮) has been the most fun time of career,” he wrote. “I don’t care how you define success…accolades, money, happiness…it’s been the most successful I’ve ever been in my career. Pro wrestling is all I’ve ever wanted to do…and I’m fortunate I’ve been able to do it for 20 years.”

“F*ck proving people wrong. I just want to prove my fans and myself right. Everyone has a different path. Nobody…NOBODY has been counted out (by “the office”, the fans, f*ck…even myself) and has come back more times than me! If you want this (or anything) bad enough, go for it! I still am. #StillHere #AlwayzReady #IndyGod #DeathmatchKing.”

Check out the post below.

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