Matt Cardona Says He Has No Regrets About Leaving WWE Sooner

Matt Cardona said in an interview with SportsKeeda that he has no regrets about not leaving WWE sooner than he did. The former Zack Ryder was released by WWE back in April. Here is what he had to say:

On not leaving WWE years ago: “I do not live in regrets… I live in the future, in the present, never in the past. You know? You can learn from the past, but I never, I never think like, what if or why didn’t I do that? Uh, you know, because what’s the point you can’t change it.”

On his friendship with Cody: “I’m sure there’s some haters out there. He’s Cody’s friend, he’s the ex WWE guy, whatever. I don’t, I don’t deal with the haters. I don’t care about proving haters wrong. I want to prove my supporters right. That’s what this is all about.”

On joining AEW: “Everything happens for a reason. And my, my catchphrase is “always ready”. It’s a cute little hashtag, it’s all my trunks. Uh, my theme music says it, but it’s legit. And that’s how I made, you know, that’s how I made a living. Uh, for all these years is always being ready whenever I got an opportunity. And AEW is the ultimate opportunity.”