Matt Hardy And JR Comment On Dynamite Commentary Reference

AEW announcer Jim Ross fueled the speculation on Matt Hardy possibly coming to the company during last night’s AEW Dynamite episode on TNT when he used a phrase that Hardy has used in the past.

JR referred to The Young Bucks as “The Bucks of Youth” on commentary, which is a well-known name from Matt. Dave Meltzer speculated on the name-drop during Wrestling Observer Radio and said the mention could have something to do with Hardy, who has been rumored to be revealed as the leader of The Dark Order after he’s done with WWE. Ross used the name during a segment that saw The Bucks make the save for SCU as they were being attacked by The Dark Order.

Fans noted on Twitter that they believed this name-drop had to do with Hardy, possibly as an “Easter Egg” of some kind. Matt responded to a fan comment on how JR used the “Bucks of Youth” name.

Matt wrote, “He did? Nothing’s sacred anymore. In all seriousness, I wouldn’t be who I am today without @JRsBBQ’s assistance. JR always has my blessing to use the term ‘Bucks Of Youth.'”

JR responded to Matt’s tweet this morning and said he hopes their paths cross again soon.

“Thanks Matthew! Hope our paths cross again sooner than later,” Ross wrote back.

As noted, Matt was reportedly written out of the WWE storylines with an angle on Monday’s RAW. His contract expires on March 1. Matt tweeted goodbye to his fans after RAW and released his latest “Free The Delete” episode, which included a potential teaser for him as “The Exalted One” of The Dark Order. There’s been no solid word on Matt coming to AEW, but stay tuned as we will keep you updated.

You can see the full tweets from Matt and JR below: