Matt Hardy Comments On Bray Wyatt’s Fiend Gimmick

In an interview with, Matt Hardy gave his thoughts on Bray Wyatt’s new Fiend gimmick and his own creative process:

“I would not say no to that [a reunion with Wyatt]. I’m a big fan of Bray and we’re good friends on a personal level. I’m a big fan of his work, I’m a big fan of his creative thought process and he’s excellent at what he does. I hope he gets the proper opportunity with all this because I think it’s gonna be a grand slam.”

“I love giving creative ideas. I wish I could run my own creative, in fact. I feel like that’s part of the fun of being an artist at my age. Even before, I was probably a little less confident in my abilities to change or do something different and pull it off and make people buy into it but now I love it and I welcome the challenge.”