Matt Hardy On His Woken Character, Woken Warriors, More

In an interview with Booker T’s Heated Conversations podcast, former WWE Raw Tag Team Champion Matt Hardy spoke about various topics Here are highlights.

His Woken character:

“Well, you only knew me when I was in my weak, mortal form. Now, I have become more. I have become magic. My essence has been #Woken. A couple of years ago, my essence became to exist, and it took over my vessel because the barriers of my mind became #Broken and I became #Broken Matt Hardy. When I returned home to the WWE I had gotten such a huge ovation at WrestleMania during my return from the WWE Universe, it suppressed my issue. It went dormant for a while, but once I touched the black magic of Bray Wyatt, it awoken my white magic, hints, I am #Woken Matt Hardy and I am going stronger than ever before. Growing stronger by the day.”

The Woken Warriors:

“They are with me. The #Woken Warriors are standing side by side with me and fighting the Great War with me day to day. Do you know what the Great War is in essence? It is the oldest battle known to mankind; the oldest battle known to existence; it is light vs dark. Bray Wyatt has cast a shadow of darkness over the WWE. It is my job as a ‘Warrior of the Light’ to grab all of the services from the #Woken Warriors all across the planes, known as earth. It is our job to make this world a better place.”