Matt Hardy Recalls What It Was Like To Get A Stinkface From Rikishi

During his podcast, Matt Hardy talked about what it was like to get a Stinkface from Rikishi in WWE:

“I’ll be honest, the very first time I took a Stinkface, I was like, ‘Oh my God, what is this going to be like?’ It smelled like baby powder. Rikishi, if you were a guy he liked, he would make sure to be super clean for you. It was like baby powder. It was actually very easy and not rough at all, it was delightful, even.”

Matt was asked if Rikishi gave anyone a rougher Stinkface as a rib:

“He may have, I’m sure. He ran with that crew, he was one of Taker’s guys too, so I’m sure if it was someone that had a little heat or someone he didn’t like as much, I’m sure it would have a different scent to it, without a doubt. And Mae Young, she was a hell of a ribber, man. She was a disgusting individual. She was a woman who acted like a man, so I’m sure she did all of that. I know she did all of that.”