Matt Hardy Reveals If AEW Will Be Doing Cinematic Matches

Matt Hardy recently did an interview with and here are the hightlights.

The Stadium Stampede match: “There were a couple things we threw around of doing in the street fight that we decided to kind of pull back a little bit just to save some stuff for the Stadium Stampede and I think it was a very good launching point, the street fight. I loved how we migrated ourselves over towards the football field in the background and the last shot was the dastardly villains and you see their Inner Circle graphic up on the screen behind them. That was beautiful foreshadowing.”

What he thinks about WWE doing cinematic matches: “It makes me smile on the inside a little bit. It’s interesting because I definitely felt like I would have been very valuable to them during that time of doing that stuff. It is what it is, Vince saw me in a certain light where he wanted to keep me around but didn’t want to let me be creative. He didn’t really want to cut me loose and that’s fine. It’s his company, it’s his decision. That’s OK with me.”

Possibly doing cinematic matches in AEW: “We definitely talked about it. There are a couple of things we worked on. A lot of it is just really timing. I am positive you will see something before it’s all said and done. You’ll probably see a few things.”