Matt Hardy Reveals Why He Hasn’t Been Doing His Broken Gimmick Much

Matt Hardy recently did an interview with Chris Van Vliet and here are the highlights.

Why Jeff Hardy is still in WWE: “Jeff had two major surgeries during his deal. He had shoulder surgery and then he had the knee surgery. He also had some personal time off he needed to take. Altogether it was about a year and eight months. Once that happens in WWE if they still continue to pay you, they can extend his contract so he had a year and eight months tacked on to his deal as opposed to my deal. I worked all the way through without ever being injured, so that is why Jeff is still working there now.”

Status of the Broken gimmick: “If there had been fans there, with Broken Matt, there are catchphrases and the little nuances and gimmicks of the character and with a live crowd, it is meant to build and pop a live crowd and entertain them and be fun. It’s weird when you think now it is just translating to the TV audience and that’s part of the whole reason why I decided to hold off on Broken Matt and go back to a character-based in reality. It’s the right call, especially because who knows how long we are going to be focusing our product to the TV audience.”

WWE’s cinematic matches: “I saw the Boneyard Match. I thought it was great. I thought it was done really well. I think it was one of the smartest usages of Taker they had in a long time. Bray and I are buddies so I watched the Funhouse Match. I thought it was super interesting. For me, considering the way my mind thinks, I thought it was very cool. I could see how some die-hard wrestling fans could get lost in that as well. I thought the bar fight my brother did with Sheamus was awesome. I thought it was done very well. I think wrestling fans should be very appreciative that they are getting these matches like this because we are doing all this during a pandemic era in front of no fans. It’s very hard on us as performers to go out there and work in front of no crowd.” (quotes courtesy of