Matt Hardy Tweets Goodbye After WWE RAW

It looks like Matt Hardy could be done with WWE.

Tonight’s WWE RAW saw Matt confront Randy Orton over Orton’s recent attack to WWE Hall of Famer Edge. They had words and Matt blocked the first RKO attempt, but Orton ended up connecting and dropping him. Orton then smashed Matt’s head between two steel chairs, just like he did with Edge a few weeks ago.

Matt took to Twitter after the match and said goodbye.

“GOODBYE,” he wrote, linking to the latest episode of his Free The Delete series on YouTube, which you can see below, along with the “GUTS (Get Up To Speed)” video for this episode.

As we’ve noted, Matt’s WWE contract is scheduled to expire on Sunday, March 1. The “major hurdle” between Matt and WWE officials has not been pay, but creative differences over how he would be used moving forward. There’s no official word yet on if tonight’s angle with Orton was done to write Matt off WWE TV, but it looks like it could be.

Stay tuned for updates on Matt’s WWE status. You can see his tweet and latest “Free The Delete” episode below, along with a few shots from tonight’s angle with Orton at the RAW in Ontario, CA: