Matt Hardy Vows To Reinvent Himself, Released Talent Return

— Matt Hardy vowed Wednesday on his Twitter account that he plans to reinvent himself in the coming weeks.

“You will all understand the motives behind Matt & MATTHEW, The Hardy Show is about to go to never before seen heights, OMEGA is coming back, and in the next few weeks I am gonna totally reinvent myself, all the way from my body, to my hair, to my wrestling “look” & persona,” Hardy wrote.

“Even the people that are my critics & doubters will take notice and appreciate all the changes. I am prepared to work harder than I ever have.”

— WWE has nixed the previously scheduled Countdown to SmackDown special and will instead air a replay of Tuesday’s episode of NXT before the premiere of SmackDown tonight on Syfy.

— It would appear that the NXT Rookie Divas will be on hand for tonight’s live SmackDown in Oklahoma City as Maxine wrote on her Twitter account Thursday that she was preparing for the evening’s Florida Championship Wrestling live event only to say two hours later that she suddenly had to catch a flight.

— The official website of Florida Championship Wrestling updated its roster page with three new performers — Calvin Raines (a/k/a Patrick Brink), Conor O’Brian (a/k/a Ryan O’Reilly), and Damien Sandow (a/k/a Idol Stevens). All three are previously released developmental wrestlers signed over the summer.

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