Matt Hardy Weighs In On The AEW Roster Situation Once Collision Begins, Bryan Danielson In Creative

(Photo Credit: AEW)

AEW star Matt Hardy recently spoke on his podcast, “The Extreme Life of Matt Hardy,” about a variety of professional wrestling topics including his match with Jeff Hardy and Hook against Ethan Page and The Gunns will be on the Double or Nothing Buy-In Show:

“It’s gonna be exciting and it’s really cool. We’re kicking off the night so we’re going to be the opening match on the buy-in show, but it’s cool. We found a replacement (he later revealed as Hook) because Isiah was injured So we have someone who is going to replace him. It might be someone that we’ve teamed with before in the past, so that might be a little bit of a spoiler. You’ll enjoy it and I think it was a really good segment that is going to air on Rampage on Friday night as opposed to Saturday night. Then Sunday man, we’re looking to rock and roll. We’re gonna kick the asses of the Ass Boys and Ethan Page and then I’ll actually own Ethan Page’s contract and then the entertainment shall begin.”

The AEW roster situation once Collision begins:

“I think a lot of the guys are a little anxious about where they’re going to land, like what show. I think people want to plan vacations and family time, trips and whatnot. It’s just kind of tricky because as of now everybody kind of has to leave everything open. I’ll be happy once Collision gets here and they kind of really have a good lock on what roster is on Dynamite and what roster is on Collision. There’ll be some guys that float back and forth, but I mean I have no idea how it’s going to ultimately end up being, but I hope it’s a pretty regular schedule so the guys that are involved can live a regular life.”

Bryan Danielson helping Tony Khan with creative:

“I think Bryan is going to be beneficial to chipping in like that, especially because he has a great wrestling mind. I don’t know where Bryan’s body is in theory, but as he makes the transition to being more of a creative process behind the scenes, I think he’s going to be very beneficial because he has a great thought process for wrestling in general.”

If he would like to be part of the creative process at some point:

“I would and I see myself doing that. I see myself being some sort of creative contributor and also like a producer or coach eventually in time.”

Edge’s return and if he thinks Edge could have his last match outside of WWE:

“I think he’s had a good last run. I’m glad he did get to come back and he was able to recover from that very serious injury, which he had to leave for many, many years. He’s been in great shape. He looked good. I thought he really produced some quality content. I liked the process of how he’s been helping younger stars. I feel like he’s kind of in the role where I’m at to where it kind of helps build the next generation as well in some ways. Yeah, I think it would be very feasible for him to actually have his final match outside WWE. I think that’s something that is possible. It may not. I mean, he may just finish there. I could see him being a guy that was committed. If he says like, it is his last match, I don’t think he’s gonna do like Ric Flair and have like, five or six last matches. I could see him finishing up with WWE and having his final few matches somewhere else.”

You can check out the complete podcast below:

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