Matt Riddle Clarifies His Remarks About Brock Lesnar Changing The WWE Royal Rumble 2022 Plans

Matt Riddle made two claims while reflecting on his time in WWE, including how he was supposed to win the 2022 Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder match, which Austin Theory won due to a decision made by Vince McMahon hours before the match.

He also stated that he ‘believes’ he was told he would win the 2022 Men’s Royal Rumble Match, but Brock Lesnar went into business for himself and altered the match’s outcome.

It was later revealed that Riddle was simply one of the top names considered for MITB. Riddle was not expected to win the Royal Rumble match.

When asked about his comments on the Kurt Angle Show, Riddle clarified them.

“I wouldn’t say if it wasn’t for Brock Lesnar [preventing him from winning the match], right, listen, doesn’t write the script. Anybody that’s been in the back knows people can be very influential. And I’m not gonna say I was guaranteed to win because anybody that’s wrestled in WWE [knows] nothing’s guaranteed. I had a United States Title that was supposed to keep [that] I lost it, me and Randy [Orton], we’re supposed to turn on each other. We didn’t. A lot of things are told to you and don’t happen, and other things happen. But yes, at one point, I was told it was a possibility that (inaudible) the Rumble and that I was gonna do a triangle to Brock and this and that. And when Brock came in the back, and Brock is Brock, there’s no I have no hard feelings. He just did the job to Bobby. He goes, ‘Hey, you guys got to do business for me. I did this good business for Bobby, and we do good business for me.’ And we’re like, ‘All right, [what are] you’re gonna do,’ and everybody was like, ‘Okay,’ and that’s what we did. We sat in, and we did our jobs.”

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