Matt Riddle Looks Back On His Favorite Memories In WWE

Former WWE star Matt Riddle recently appeared on an episode of the Kurt Angle Show podcast, where he talked about a number of topics including his favorite memories in the company.

Riddle said, “Well, the fight pit with Daniel Cormier. I’d say the sad pipe pit was ten times the fight pit; it was ten times the size of the pipe that we used to carry. I don’t know, this thing was like 30. In the one we were in, I did a backflip off with no problem. The one we did in Philadelphia is terrifying; they must have been 20 feet to 25 feet off the ground. And then like the crazy thing about being in matches like that, even being like good Money in the Bank, in TLC in Las Vegas, climbing up a 15-foot 20-foot ladder and doing a backflip off and onto 10 people are doing an RKO off the top it’s a, or even jumping off the fight pit and filled out or even in NXT doing flips and like, those are some of the craziest memories and like, those are memories I’m gonna have and when I watch back when I’m a little older and be like, ‘What was I thinking?’ You know, like, because I do the same thing when I watch my fights when I watch my old UFC fights. I was like a block-ahead kick, and it was so hard. Yeah, but those are just special moments. And then I’d say my favorite moment on the main roster. I had to pick one that had to be with me and Randy to retain the Tag Team Championships at WrestleMania. The audience when we both G’d them up, the whole crowd roared because they wanted those RKO’s taken away, but then we got them back with the springboard RKO and his catches [Chad] Gable the diving heads, but it was a magical moment. You know, at least for me, I got a plaque over there on the wall from it. So yeah, so for me, that was probably the end of it. That was the peach, for sure.”

You can check out the complete podcast in the video below.