Mauro Ranallo Misses WWE SmackDown Again This Week

Tuesday night’s WWE SmackDown in Uncasville, CT was called by JBL, Tom Phillips and David Otunga as Mauro Ranallo missed the show for the second week in a row. Tom noted that Mauro is out sick this week. Last week it was noted that he missed the show due to the winter weather in the Northeast part of the country.

There’s been speculation on Mauro’s status with the company after many questioned his excuse for missing last week’s show.

Mauro is usually pretty active on social media but he’s been quiet since before last Tuesday’s SmackDown. When a fan mentioned him being in Pittsburgh for last week’s SmackDown, Mauro wrote the following, which was his last tweet:

  • Boss

    This is weird. Can’t imagine he’s gonna miss WrestleMania. I’m telling you this is all a CONTRACT dispute. Although I find it strange he’s being quiet on Social Media. Unless he had major surgery I can’t see him off social media, even if he’s sick or having contract issues, man tweets everyday RT’s hundreds of people and now nothing? Just feels odd I guess that’s the world we live in, where if someone isn’t active on social media people lose their minds with stories lol

  • Sam Savage

    He missed work again and hasn’t been on social media for a week. I’m concerned for his well being.