Mauro Ranallo Open To Doing Wrestling Announcing Again?

In an interview with, Mauro Ranallo commented on possibly doing pro-wrestling announcing again:

“Will I go back to pro wrestling? It definitely has to be on my terms. I’m not a prima donna or anything, but I need to work with people that respect me, trust me, and will defer to my levels of experience. I’m as easy to work with as anyone else, but at this stage of my life, I need to be happy and comfortable. Pro wrestling, at the best of times, is taxing on your mental health, and it’s just the nature of the business.

I’m not interested in going back to that kind of rigorous schedule [with WWE]. I would love to call professional wrestling still, and I’m glad that there’s many promotions. I mean, AEW has been a win-win-win for them. Like the Monday Night Wars, I believe competition in every sense of the word should bring out the best in anyone. I’m just grateful there’s that many more paying opportunities for the workers. So, never say never, John.”

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