Mauro Ranallo Shows Support For Aleister Black’s Reveal About Depression

In a post on Instagram last month, NXT Champion Aleister Black revealed that he suffers from anxiety and depression. He got some support from NXT commentator Mauro Ranallo. Black wrote the following:

“Now that I have had time to process the last couple of days and specifically Takeover New Orleans I wanted to sit down, literally, and type a few words. I have no idea where I will go with this, but I felt the need to do so. Also, instagram will undoubtedly annihilate the read ability and sentence build of this so bear with me, or not. Whether you think I deserve what I won or not, I know I did. I am not going to try and win anyone over by asking for your sympathy. I am simply telling you who I am. I am someone who suffers from anxiety and depression. You know when you wake up and you can feel inside yourself that you are not having a good day already? Well I wake up too sometimes like that, only I wake up wondering why I even still wake up. I am someone who at most times feels a great disconnect with the entire universe and the people around me. I carry a flag inside my heart that is made up of music, equality, heartache and perseverance. This title means more to me than so many of you will ever understand. This business means so much more than most people understand. It isn’t something that I wanted to do as a hobby; I wanted this like nothing else in my life, nothing mattered but this, accomplishing this. And each and every year I told myself, it isn’t going to get any better than this and then each year for nearly 16 years long it did. And here we are. Despite the long road, despite the anxiety, which can be crippling at times, despite the not always fun states of minds that I have, I am here. And the good thing is.. I feel I am far from done. This one wasn’t just for myself, as cliche as that might sound. This one was truly for each and every person who thinks their situation or mental health is too severe to ever accomplish anything. I ask you please to proof the world, but mainly yourself, wrong and do what you wanna do. I still remember hanging around the small venue’s watching my friends play in their bands and we would coherently ‘trash the place’ thinking, man I hope I never lose this, I hope I never lose myself completely. Only to have found myself a lot more whole today. Thank you all for staying, even if only for a while; thank you.”