Exclusive: May Valentine Opens Up About Switching to In-Ring Wrestling in the Future, What’s Next for Her

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In an exclusive interview with PW Mania’s Scott Mitchell (@ScottsScoop44), May Valentine shares her story as to how she became a reporter insider of the NWA, talks about her upcoming wedding with Aron Stevens on NWA, and so much more.

May Valentine breaks into the journalism field

Growing up, Valentine grew up with a father who was a writer, and a mother who was an actress. “I grew up in the show business world,” Valentine tells PW Mania. “My dad wrote for television and used to write plays. I have loved writing since I was a kid. I always wrote in my diaries, and continued to do that for my whole life pretty much.”

When she was just 16 years old, Valentine wrote her first book. This book would go on to be published when she was 19, and became a best-seller to much of Valentine’s surprise. “That started my writing career,” says Valentine. “It was very popular. It spoke about myself being a teenager, and a lot of issues I dealt with, like drugs, depression, and my father’s death.”

Teenagers really related to Valentine’s books. “Because of that book, my first job as a journalist was for the largest newspaper in Brazil,” states Valentine. “The editor read my book, and asked if I wanted to write a column for the paper. From that point on, I wrote for so many different outlets. It was all due to the success of my first book.”

Having a best-seller at such a young age was wild for Valentine. “I dropped out of school when I was just 15,” says Valentine. “I hated the environment, felt like I didn’t belong, and I just didn’t want to be there. I had a plan, and that plan was to be a writer, a best-selling writer. My mom was so mad at me, and I told her I wanted to write a book. I set out with a plan and a goal to be an author, but the craziest thing is that it actually happened.”

May Valentine enters professional wrestling

Prior to getting involved with the NWA, Valentine wrote four books, and for a lot of other outlets as well. “I moved here when I was 21, so I had been here for like nine years working as a journalist,” says Valentine. “I was watching WWE at a moment where I had a lot going on and I was just depressed.”

Valentine was trying to find a way to “empower” herself again. “I was watching a match between Charlotte, and Becky Lynch,” says Valentine. “I knew right then that was what I wanted to do. It came out of nowhere. I never thought about being a wrestler in my entire life. However, watching how powerful those two women were, and what great athletes they were, was just so inspiring to me in a moment that I felt so down.”

It all just suddenly hit Valentine, so she googled wrestling schools and tried to find out how to sign up. “I found one in Las Vegas,” states Valentine. “I wanted to reinvent myself, and though that this was perfect. So, three days later, I moved and started to live in the hotels and casinos while attending FSW.”

So, Valentine began to study professional wrestling. “Everyone in my life was probably confused, and didn’t think it would amount to anything,” says Valentine. “Within six months of being in wrestling school, I was approached by Billy Corgan.”

Valentine had known Corgan prior because she got to appear in a Smashing Pumpkins music video. “He contacted me and asked if I was in wrestling school,” says Valentine. “I told him yes but I hadn’t even had a debut match yet, as I was still very early on. He told me he’d love if I worked for the NWA, and that’s really how it happened.”

Alongside Royce Isaacs, May Valentine would make her debut for the NWA portraying his valet, and on-screen girlfriend. “It was so different than anything I’ve ever done,” states Valentine. “At that time, Royce was training me. He’s been my trainer for about six months prior. We had a teacher/student relationship. I already knew him pretty well, and in the beginning it was a great way to start.”

One of her favorite moments in the NWA was her rivalry with Natalia Markova. “My favorite moment was when I slapped her and it was also pretty awesome to get to do my first promo outside of the ring,” says Valentine.

May Valentine talks NWA Empowerrr

One of the biggest shows in NWA history was NWA Empowerrr. This was an all female show, and the companies first all female show in history. “It was incredibly important,” says Valentine. “That was my favorite day ever working in wrestling. The energy that day was amazing. The women were really empowering each other.”

Mickie James hand-picked May Valentine to work the show. “This was amazing,” states Valentine. “I’m a big fan of hers, and she’s such a great person. I remember being in the production room with Mickie, Jazz, Gail Kim, and Madusa, and I was looking around thining how did I get here. I remember that being such an important and humbling moment for me.”

“I’m so grateful to have had that opportunity,” says Valentine. “The women really supported each other. I think we all want to see another NWA Empowerrr show, and I think we all want to do it again in the future, as well.”

May Valentine on switching to in-ring wrestling in the future

All her career so far, Valentine has stood on the other side of the ropes, as one of wrestling’s best reporters. However, will she ever step inside the ring? “That’s a hard question to answer,” says Valentine.

“I used to have plans to wrestle, but I paused them,” states Valentine. “I was so into the work I was doing. I really fell into the work of a reporter. Each day I film, I film about 40 promos a day, so my job is really demanding in itself.”

“I think I just focused so much on that, that I kind of stopped my training,” states Valentine. “I’ve done about a year of training, but I still feel like it’s not enough. Wrestling is a very hard sport, you have to respect it and take it very seriously.”

May Valentine on the Upcoming Shows 

On January 31, NWA will be holding their first ever live NWA Powerrr episode. “The most important show is happening on the 31, and obviously that’s my wedding to Aron Stevens,” says Valentine. “We will be having the first ever NWA Powerrr live, and the first ever NWA wedding.”

Working with Stevens has been a lot of fun for Valentine. “He’s great,” says Valentine. “I love him. He’s such a good actor, he’s funny, and he’s just so cool to be around. He’s a great person.” When Valentine made her NWA debut, she recalls a special moment she had with Stevens.

“I barely knew him at the time,” states Valentine. “I remember he was one of the first people who helped me in my scene. I remember coming out on the stage, being super insecure, and Aron supporting me. I was always super grateful for him treating me with such respect even though I was a newcomer. He’s a great person.”

The show will be live on Youtube. “I’m really looking forward to that show,” says Valentine. “After that, we have the shows in Florida on February 11th, 12th, and 13th in Tampa, which will be insanely cool as well.”

What’s next for May Valentine?

Looking ahead, Valentine has one thing on her mind, the success of the NWA. “I love working in the NWA,” states Valentine. “Personally, I don’t want to go anywhere else. I want to see the NWA grow and succeed.”

Valentine has been with the company for three years, almost since their beginning. “I’m truthfully so invested with the company,” states Valentine. “I want to see us grow, and get a TV deal. We have the talent in the NWA. We just need the opportunity, and bigger viewership.”

“I enjoy my job,” states Valentine. “I love working with all the wrestlers and get to experience all the different personalities. Outside of wrestling, I have a lot of stuff coming up. I can’t say yet, but there will be some pretty huge news coming within the next 10 days that you should watch out for.”

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