Melina Responds To ‘Hateful People’, Val Venis Continues Insults

Melina posted the following message yesterday on her Twitter account in response to the negativity she has been engulfed with as of late.

“In Dublin. Such a beautiful day. Listening to TI-Live Your Life. There are hateful people trying to hurt others to make themselves feel better.

“People… Just live your life. Enjoy today peeps and love the people who are there for you to the fullest.”

Meanwhile, former WWE star Val Venis, who posted an inflammatory video directed towards Melina and boyfriend John Morrison earlier this week, has continued to besmirch the “Sexy, Smart and Powerful” WWE Diva. He posted the following on Twitter in response to a message New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Karl Anderson wrote about flying first class:

“If Melina is on your flight, I am sure u could easily become a member of the mile high club.”

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