Melyssa Buhl Disputes Report She Has Signed With WWE

It was reported earlier today that Melyssa Buhl, a 26-year-old fitness model from Vancouver, British Columbia, had signed a developmental contract with World Wrestling Entertainment. The report was based on a note she wrote on her profile on where she said she’ll be “entering a contract” on October 14 and thus unable to book photo shoots following that date. It was presumed that she signed a contract with WWE based on messages left on her profile from colleagues congratulating her.

Regarding the report of Buhl signing with WWE, she said in the following e-mail to Daniel Pena that she has not signed with WWE:

I was just forwarded a link to ur page and read about me signing with the WWE PLEASE REMOVE this at once!!! I have not yet signed ANYTHING and simply mentioned that i will be entering a contract and will not be shooting!! Please Please remove it now!!!!

thanks so much!!!

~Melyssa Buhl~