Mercedes Moné On Her Unfinished Business With Willow Nightingale

AEW star Mercedes Moné recently spoke with Renee Paquette for a digital exclusive on a number of topics including having unfinished business with Willow Nightingale.

Moné said, “There is so much in order. I got to meet so many people at Big Business. I don’t know. I’m about to go to Toronto, just keep scouting out this women’s division. Me and Willow have some unfinished business. She was my last opponent before I got hurt and I haven’t really seen the footage, so I don’t know if it was her that pushed me, if I slipped, if somebody paid off the ref. It was such a hectic day, and it was for the New Japan Strong Women’s Championship.”

Her thoughts on Nightingale:

“I don’t know Willow. I don’t know if she’s dirty. I don’t know how bad she wants things. I’ve been around a business where people will scratch, claw, and stab you in your back. So far, we got to do a little chatting backstage. She seems nice. She’s cute. I’d like to pick up some more Big Business with her again.”

You can check out Moné’s comments in the video below.

(H/T to Fightful for transcribing the above quotes)