Michelle McCool “Likes” Tweet Saying Undertaker’s Back Because “RAW Ratings Suck”

(Photo Credit: WWE)

Roman Reigns got some help in his battle against Shane McMahon from a former opponent on Raw — The Undertaker.

It all went down during a 2-on-1 Handicap Match pitting Reigns against McMahon and Drew McIntyre, which got turned into an anything-goes free-for-all where no tags would be needed.

McMahon and McIntyre took advantage of the situation and beat Reigns down until he was immobile. McMahon then took to the top rope to set himself up for the Coast-to-Coast dropkick, when suddenly the lights went out. The Undertaker was then standing in the ring when the lights came back on.

The Undertaker blocked McMahon’s dropkick attempt before him giving a chokeslam and dropping McIntyre. Taker would continue attacking the two before sending them retreating up the ramp.

There was no interaction besides Undertaker and Reigns, but Undertaker briefly looked at Reigns as “The Big Dog” recovered in the corner.

WWE then announced during the third hour that Undertaker and Reigns will face McMahon and McIntyre in a tag team match at WWE Extreme Rules on July 14.

Undertaker’s wife Michelle McCool “liked” a tweet on WWE bringing Taker back due to low ratings. The meme, seen below, portrays WWE pressing the “Undertaker” button because “WWE #RAW RATINGS SUCK.”