Mick Foley Calls Glenn Jacobs’ Remarks on Gun Violence “Cold” and “Callous”

As PWMania.com previously reported, Knox County, Tennessee Mayor Glenn Jacobs (WWE Hall of Famer Kane) spoke out about gun violence in the United States, and Sean Waltman responded. On Twitter, Jacobs posted the following message.

“Every violent death is a tragedy. That said, the mainstream media would have you believe that America is the land of gun violence and mass shootings when, in fact, as @HannahDCox points out, our per capita rates of gun deaths are actually much lower than many other countries.”

Jacobs’ Tweet ended up being “ratioed” with more quote retweets than likes. In addition to Waltman, WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley and Lance Storm were among those that reacted to Jacobs. Foley wrote the following:

“Reading this cold, callous tweet from Glenn Jacobs literally hurt my heart.”

Storm wrote the following:

“So you’re saying all of these deaths, including the 19 kids in Uvalde are at an acceptable rate or tragedy, and nothing needs to be done?”