Mick Foley Comments On How He’s Feeling With The CoronaVirus

Mick Foley took to Twitter today and gave an update on how he’s feeling almost three weeks after testing positive for COVID-19. Foley noted that he’s feeling “not too bad” but he’s fatigued very easily, and his head still feels a little cloudy. He encouraged fans to wear their masks.

“Many of you have been asking how I’m feeling after my positive COVID test. All in all, not too bad – but I get fatigued very easily, and my head still feels a little cloudy. PLEASE take this pandemic seriously – the daily death count is staggeringly high..and climbing. #MaskUp,” he wrote.

Foley revealed back on January 1 that he had tested positive for the coronavirus. He tested positive after participating in a virtual signing on December 12. As soon as he found out he had been exposed, and before the positive test result, he began isolating in a hotel room and was planning to check out on January 4 as he was no longer contagious. Foley later said in a more detailed post that his symptoms were not too serious, just body aches and a headache for a few days, followed by loss of smell and hearing issues.