Mick Foley Says Wherever Bray Wyatt Decides To Go Will Benefit From Him Being There

Windham Rotunda, formerly known as Bray Wyatt, remains a free agent after being let go by WWE earlier this year.

Mick Foley did an interview with Alistair McGeorge of Metro and talked about Wyatt as well as the wrestling landscape:

A promotion benefitting from signing Wyatt:

“Oh, wherever he decides to go will benefit from him being there,” said Foley. And that’s great to know. When somebody has success and an amazing pop and reaction – like Ruby Soho – it just shows you. Because [thinking of] mental health, you get that call from WWE that your time is up, that used to be seen as a death knell on a career. And now people are like, “Hey I get to go somewhere else and ply my craft”. I like the idea that there’s other places available.”

Competition between promotions:

“It’s a strong point for the business itself,” said Foley. “There should be other places for people to go,’ he added. ‘I detested the idea that when Bill Watts was talking about it being a buyers market because I didn’t like the idea we were seen as a bunch of commodities. But if that’s what we are, then it’s certainly a seller’s market now because there are places to go, and different styles to do. If someone’s happy in Japan, they don’t necessarily need to take that contract.”