Mick Foley Thinks Nick Aldis Should Be Himself, Says He is One of Wrestling’s Funniest Guys

(Photo Credit: IMPACT Wrestling)

WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley recently discussed a variety of topics on his Foley is Pod podcast.

During the podcast, Foley discussed former NWA Champion Nick Aldis, who has recently been in the news for publicly disclosing his release from the NWA and criticizing NWA owner Billy Corgan. Here are some of the highlights:

Aldis’ decision:

“Nick Aldis kind of was “NWA wrestling.” He was the guy that was in the first show of what would become AEW, ALL IN. He was in that main event. I don’t know if you know this about Nick, and I hope this is me speaking to Nick specifically. He is one of the funniest guys in a live setting I have ever met. And when I suggested he try to work that into his character, he was taken aback! I was like, Nick! You’re really good at this.”

Aldis’ Flair impersonation:

“I’m telling you, I’ve been around a long time. We were in Australia for House of Hardcore. It’s funny because it’s House of Hardcore and we’re doing a show at a children’s amusement park, and we’re doing our signings (laughing) under a ride that says “Little Beaut Toot.” And Nick Aldis does a phenomenal Flair. (Imitating Aldis imitating Flair) “Brother, I have done it all! Raleigh, North Carolina! Little Beaut Toot Toot!” He just had me going. At a certain point, I was like “Nick you gotta stop, my back’s hurting me!” I can’t even sign autographs I’m laughing so hard. He kind of does Ric as if he’s one-part Ric Flair, and one-part John Wayne. It’s so good. Some of the stuff — he gets into some of the TNA stuff, which is personal, I don’t want to spoil it.”

Wanting to see Aldis as “himself”:

“The headline of the day is: Mick Foley Believes Nick Aldis has a much bigger future as himself, rather than the stoic representative of the National Wrestling Alliance. I admire that he’s doing that, I think he was doing what he thought he should do to add prestige to that title.”

Aldis being more interesting backstage than on TV:

“But I’m telling you! He’s a wildcard in that he’s like Brad Armstrong, in the sense that behind the scenes he’s more interesting than he is on-camera. I’ve been in situations where I’m like the sixth or seventh most interesting guy backstage, but then I was able to turn it up a notch [in the ring] when some of the guys could not. And I just think that Nick is a guy who could go to another level, and maybe he needs to leave NWA to do that. I think the world of him and Mickie [James], and I think he’s going to land on his feet.”

You can listen to the complete podcast below:

(h/t to 411mania.com for the transcription)