Mick Foley Wants To See ECW Star Return For Raw’s 25th Anniversary

In an interview with Planeta Wrestling (transcript via Wrestling Inc), former Raw General Manager Mick Foley revealed that he’d like Al Snow to return to WWE for Raw’s upcoming 25th-anniversary episode. Here are highlights:

Favorite Raw moments:

“There have been so many great ones. I’ll say winning the WWE title for the first time, against a gentleman named The Rock. That was definitely number one. Number two, was a really great, wild match I had with Stone Cold Steve Austin in 1996, so good that we kept being urged to wrestle longer and longer. And the third one, I really enjoyed being fired by Stephanie McMahon when I was general manager of Raw. I know that sounds like a strange third one, but it was a great creative rush to be fired by Stephanie.”

Who he wants to see return:

“I imagine there’s gonna be many legends back there. I’d like to see Al Snow back. I’m not sure if Al qualifies as a legend, but I’d like to see Al Snow return to Monday Night Raw.”