Mickie James And Chelsea Green Strike Up Strange Twitter Friendship?

WWE Superstars Chelsea Green and Mickie James have fans speculating on a potential new storyline. Green and James have been going back & forth on Twitter this week after Green started obsessing over the veteran WWE Superstar. Green has been posting various messages about James being her best friend, and also sharing photoshopped graphics or memes of the two. Some fans have compared the obsession to the modern day social media version of Mickie obsessing over WWE Hall of Famer Trish Stratus several years ago.

This is interesting because it was reported back in December, via Fightful Select, that WWE had plans for Green to receive a big push. There were plans in place for a storyline that would see Green almost emulate the 2005-2006 “obsessed fan” storyline with Mickie and Trish. Several people on the WWE creative team were said to be excited for the storyline, but was inexplicably nixed months before Green debuted on SmackDown and suffered the injury. The storyline would’ve put Mickie in the role Trish had years ago, which is just about what we’re seeing on social media.

James has sent some messages back to Green and played along, but for the most part it’s Green obsessing over James. Green has also had fans create their own bizarre comedy graphics, which she has re-tweeted. Green is calling James “MickMick” while James is using “ChelChel” as Green’s nickname. There’s no word on if this is something WWE has them doing, to go with the storyline mentioned above, or if they are working something on social media on their own.

It was recently reported that Green has recovered from the wrist injury she suffered in November during her SmackDown debut, and she should be returning to the blue brand soon. She was backstage last Friday with Santana Garrett, but did not appear. Mickie went undrafted in the 2020 WWE Draft last October but is still listed as a RAW Superstar. Her last singles match came on the September 21 RAW, a loss to Zelina Vega, but she did compete in the 30-Woman Royal Rumble Match back in January.

Stay tuned for more on Mickie and Chelsea. Below are just a few of the many tweets from this week: